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Advanced Cooling Technologies

ACT Products

Advanced Cooling Technologies, ACT, a California based company, was found in 2004 and associated with AIRSYS on HVAC business since early 90's. It has become a leading manufacturer, marketer and service provider in precision air conditioning equipments, chillers, environmental chambers, custom design, special application and OEM A/C solutions. We also provide personalized service for your thermal process control requirements, including joint R&D, engineering, installation and technical support.

The company’s core business consists of the following three categories:

  1.  Design and OEM of A/C systems for industrial applications,
  2.  Installation, PM and services of commercial and industrial A/C system
  3.  Part supply and service traning.

ACT is specialized in MRI medical chillers, parts, and services. The products we sell and services include: AirSys Medicool chillers, MRI chillers and Telecom Shelter Packaged Air-conditioners.

ACT parts services department is your single point of contact for any field replaceable parts.

ACT also provides personalized service for your cooling and thermal process control requirements, including joint R&D, engineering cooling system retrofit, installation and technical support.